Dogs are not immune from the virus. Dogs are not immune from the virus.

Five dogs in two states have been diagnosed with Covid-19

The canines are believed to have contracted the virus from human contact.

The Ministry of Agriculture is warning people diagnosed with Covid-19 to take measures to prevent exposing their pets to the coronavirus after documenting five cases of dogs testing positive in Mexico City and México state.

The latest was on Thursday, involving a Dachshund in the Mexico City borough of Iztacalco.

Four of the dogs diagnosed, two of which live in the same home, had been around people who were diagnosed with the disease, the ministry said.

“The pets did not present serious symptoms of the illness, although they had direct contact with infected humans,” ministry officials said Thursday.

The ministry learned of the first case of an infected canine on April 27, involving two dogs in Mexico City. Another case on August 13 involved a 5-year-old dog in the Mexico City borough of Cuauhtémoc. The other case, a Siberian Husky, was reported in the municipality of Cuautitlán, México state.

To date, the ministry has also attended to calls from the public in 12 states about 25 suspected cases involving dogs, cats and even a tiger.

Ministry officials emphasized that the World Health Organization has determined that pets can come down with the coronavirus after exposure to infected humans, and that the world health body has recommended isolation measures for pets when there is a case of Covid infection in the household.

The ministry is suggesting a series of recommendations directed at Mexico’s pet owners and veterinarians to prevent more cases. The suggestions include that dog owners avoid dog parks and other public places where canines and humans interact, always use a leash with dogs when outdoors and maintain a safe distance with other people and dogs. Cat owners should keep their cats indoors.

The ministry also suggests isolating infected persons from pets and wearing masks and washing one’s hands before approaching animals in the household. Vets were advised to make note of Covid-19 diagnoses in the clinical history of any animals they treat and to notify public health authorities about any animals they treat with a suspected case of the coronavirus.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control says the risk of animals spreading Covid-19 to people is considered to be low, although information is limited.

Source: UnoTV (sp)

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